The power of harmonies.

The Estate

The Metz family has been growing vines around the village of Epfig, but the family’s main focus until 1920/25 was agriculture.

Marcellin Metz began growing vines on land of the neighbouring village of Itterswiller in 1930, and in 1936 he decided to concentrate on producing grapes for wine.

Marcellin passed on his knowledge to his 2 sons and in 1966 Gérard and René decided to start bottling and marketing their own wines.

Our Terroirs

Our 18 ha estate is located on the famous vineyard slopes of Itterswiller, Epfig, Nothalten, Heiligenstein and Mittelbergheim

We favor organic cultivation for foliar treatments in order to produce a quality harvest.

Our Wines

Ranging from the driest to the sweetest and from the most mineral to the most fruity, our wines will not leave anyone indifferent.

In the cellar, our vinification undergoes slow fermentations using indigenous yeasts, delicate pressings and maturing on whole lees.

Our range is like a symphony whose notes are the terroirs, the grape varieties and the climate, blended in harmony.




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